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Games:Bean Bounce

From PossiblyAxolotl Wiki

Bean bounce was a Pico-8 game building off of Games:Bean_Dreams_Demake. It features very similar gameplay to Bean Dreams[1] which is a huge inspiration for PossiblyAxolotl's games, but with single-screen levels and a constantly counting up timer.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In Bean Bounce you play as a bean which is constantly jumping. Your objective is to make it to the flag at the end of each single screen level and make it through each area of 8 levels.

Each area featured a new level element to be seen in all future levels beyond that point.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Area Element
Grass None; default starting area
Candy Slow fields, lower gravity when inside
Swamp Bounce wall, allows for wall jumping

Scroll level, gives up an extra screen for a 2-screen-wide level

Snow N/A; never developed

The grass and candy levels were the first created before PossiblyAxolotl decided to make a second pack with more complicated features. All particle effects in the game were directly copied from a Lazy Devs tutorial[2], which inspired the particle effects used in games and projects like Games:Rocket Bytes and pdParticles.

Bean Bounce was originally planned to be PossiblyAxolotl's first full paid release, however it was never finished, nor did they have the ability to accept payments at that time.

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