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From PossiblyAxolotl Wiki

PlayJam is a recurring game jam hosted by PossiblyAxolotl where people have to make a game for the Playdate1 that happens every half year. The jam takes place during the first weekend of the month (unless pushed back due to other events) and follows a 5 month - 6 month pattern between every jam date.

Description[edit | edit source]

PlayJam is a Playdate game jam where you get one weekend to make a game for the Playdate. A small, yellow, handheld console with a popout crank giving developers a brand new way to control their games. Learn more at

Winners[edit | edit source]

Jam Title Link
PlayJam 1 AVAVA
PlayJam 2 Super High School Sports Day Crankathlon
PlayJam 3 Digscovery
PlayJam 4 Snooze or Lose
PlayJam 5 Discontrolled

Assets[edit | edit source]

Links[edit | edit source]

Jam Link
PlayJam 1
PlayJam 2
PlayJam 3
PlayJam 4
PlayJam 5