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Hey, I'm me.

PossiblyAxolotl is a Canadian game developer, 3D animator, and YouTuber. They are known for creating games with weird and unusual ideas and devlogs documenting them such as a rhythm whack-a-mole game played with a drum kit and an award winning Playdate game, Rocket Bytes. Their new videos feature their avatar and channel mascot named “Ax”, which is a 3D axolotl with a purple sweater, designed after their previous logo.

The person behind PossiblyAxolotl goes by the name Jay. You can find more information about them at PossiblyAxolotl:Jay.

YouTube history

PossiblyAxolotl has been making YouTube videos since 2017 on their channel ProbablyAxolotl which formerly went by names such as Flyingcow567 and Kiryllos the gaming shark. They initially uploaded iPad gaming videos where they played games such as Geometry Dash and Ninja Tobu, but they later moved on to editing meme videos such as “Discord sucks at singing Taking It Slow by Sean Spada”. Between then and beginning their game development channel they tried many other things such as 2D animation, but very few remnants remain. They created their main channel, PossiblyAxolotl, on November 27, 2020 after being inspired by small game development channels line N8Dev and uploaded their first video to it on May 7, 2021.

Their channel saw an increase in subscribers from ~200 to ~2,000 in July, 2022 due to the sudden relevance of their Roblox vs Core comparison video which still remains their most popular non-short video and another increase from ~2,000 to ~8,000 when they uploaded a short in which they made a game in the time it took for their friend NathanOnline to return to the call. Recently PossiblyAxolotl started doing 3D animation in their videos. Their first video featuring 3D animation is “I BUILT My Own Handheld Console…” and they are part of the 3D Gang. They continue to make games and videos while improving their style to this day.

PossiblyAxolotl is currently working on multiple games and has developed a large amount of games for both game jams and personal projects.

Channel information

PossiblyAxolotl[edit | edit source]

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Category Game development and 3D animation
Joined November 27, 2020
Schedule Unscheduled

ProbablyAxolotl[edit | edit source]

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Category Miscellaneous
Joined March 7, 2017
Schedule Unscheduled

Ax²[edit | edit source]

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Category Comedy / entertainment
Joined November 7, 2022
Schedule Inactive