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3D Gang

The 3D Gang is a group channel for YouTube 3D animators. Currently it primarily features disstracks on various people including members of the channel and game developer AIA. The 3D gang is known for zarting, however, nobody knows what that really means.

Along with individual per-person Discord servers, the 3D Gang has a shared Discord server.


3D Gang pfp
3D animation
joined January 8, 2024
2 videos, unscheduled


Some members are featured publicly on the YouTube channel, however there are many more in the private Discord server. These are the members who are listed publicly, or have asked to be listed.

member channel
ArronIsRandom YouTube
BTM YouTube
DevZen YouTube
Expired rice YouTube
Gabe Toons YouTube
honahearts YouTube
IrrationalMango YouTube
PinoPrime YouTube
PixelzwithaZ YouTube
PossiblyAxolotl YouTube
TomIzDumb YouTube