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Ball Maze / You Can Trust Me

This was the first game PossiblyAxolotl made in Godot1. It was developed for several months before the source code became corrupt and they had to restart completely. The ball from the remake was used as PossiblyAxolotl’s profile picture until December 2022, when it was replaced by the vector PossiblyAxolotl logo2.

Version 1

The initial version was intended to be a Portal3-inspired puzzle game where you would complete levels in linear puzzle chambers. This one was given the temporary title “You Can Trust Me” as it was intended to have a similar, dark story with a lot of mistrust between the player and voiceover.

The core, some kind of power source


An unfinished level unknown-1

A testing level where PossiblyAxolotl tested various mechanics


Version 2

This version was planned to have a lighter story and take less inspiration from other games. It was not developed very far before it was ignored but the ball icon from this one remained part of PossiblyAxolotl’s brand for a long time after2. It also featured controller inputs.

The only existing scene in the second version


The ball icon from the second version