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You are a virus created to hack into a computer and get valuable information from it. after getting it you want to see more and keep going deeper into the computer.


[DATAMINER] was created for the 48th Ludum Dare1 jam. The theme for the jam was “Deeper and Deeper” so the general idea behind the game was: you are a computer virus, and you need to go deep into a computer to collect information for some government agency. This was the first game PossiblyAxolotl made a devlog on, and the first game they ever made for a Ludum Dare jam.


Making a game in 3 DAYS (Ludum Dare 48) - PossiblyAxolotl’s YouTube channel


Platform Link
Itch.io possiblyaxolotl.itch.io/dataminer-ld48
Ludum Dare Jam ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/48/dataminer