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Formatting / contributing instructions

If you’d like to contribute to the wiki here’s the best way to.


You are required to have a free GitHub account to contribute. Simply sign up, visit the GitHub repo, and click the fork button in the corner. Then you’re all set up to start contributing.

Editing existing pages

If you want to edit an existing page click the Edit button at the top of the page. This will open the GitHub repo to the file you will be editing. Do not change the filename unless necessary. Once finished click the Commit changes... button and give a description of what you did.

Creating new pages

To create a new page, click the Add new button at the top of the page. Please ensure your wiki page is inside the wiki/ directory and not in any subdirectories (such as wiki/games/rocket_bits.md). This ensures there is no overlap between page titles. Also make sure your filename ends with .md, and uses underscores rather than spaces such as formatting_instructions.md. This will be the name used in the page url. Once finished click the Commit changes... button and give a description of what you did.

Formatting pages

Always begin your page with a header of the title. This will be the name shown on the pages list. Keep the majority of your text plain, without any extra formatting such as this. You can emphasize text using bold, italics, and more seen in the markdown basic syntax guide and extended syntax guide such as references1 and code blocks. In order to create a reference, put [^#] where # is the reference number where the reference should be, and at the bottom of the page put [^#]: foo where # is the same number and foo is the text you would like to reference. To insert an image, place the cursor where you’d like, then drag and drop the file in or select it with the bar at the bottom of the edit box. If you would like to move it simply move the embed code somewhere else.

Also feel free to leave comments anywhere you feel necessary with [comment]: <> (text to comment) and look at the source of this page to understand some concepts better. Also feel free to change page formatting for some pages, especially if it improves the appeal / readability of pages.

A screenshot of the page source as of January 12, 2024



  1. This is a test reference. Pretty neat, huh?