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These are all of the games made by PossiblyAxolotl.


Title Platforms Description Links
Sporestory Playdate1 Reunite a town of lost spores Website
SUPER Rocket Bytes PC, Mac, Linux The final rocket based reverse platformer  

Full releases

Release Date Platforms Title Description Links
March 20, 2023 PC, Mac, Linux Rhythmole A musical rhythm whack-a-mole game. Website itch.io gamejolt
July 23, 2022 Playdate1 Rocket Bytes A precision rocket flying reverse platformer. Website itch.io

Smaller projects

Release Date Platforms Title Description Links
April 4, 2024 PC, Mac, Linux Vision-versa A confusing co-op second person puzzle game itch.io
April 30, 2023 Thumby2 DiscDungeon A Thumby disc room ripoff itch.io
February 27, 2022 PC, Mac, Linux Rocket Bits Can this crew of rockets get back to thier ship? itch.io

Jam games

Release Date Platforms Jam Title Description Links
April 6, 2024 PC, Mac, Linux FishFest FishBall Soccer but if it was fish itch.io
May 15, 2023 Playdate1 PlayJam 3 Lights Out   itch.io
December 04, 2022 Playdate1 PlayJam 2 A Deep Dive A game made for PlayJam 2 about piloting a submarine. itch.io crankit
June 26, 2022 Playdate1 PlayJam 1 Shopping Spree I can’t remember what I was looking for… if I grab everything here one of them has to be it! itch.io
April 22, 2022 PC, Mac, Linux Bullet Hell Jam 2022 Caved In   itch.io
April 04, 2022 PC, Mac, Lin, HTML Ludum Dare 50 EDM (Extinction Dino Meteor) Stop the inevitable end of the dinosaurs! itch.io
November 12, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux SEAJAM Katamari DamaSEA Stick it to the garbage. itch.io
October 03, 2021 PC Ludum Dare 49 (DE)BUGGER   itch.io
August 22, 2021 HTML Kenney Jam Island Attack garbag game I made for kenney jam in abt 2-3 hours itch.io
April 25, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux Ludum Dare 48 [DATAMINER] a game where you keep going deeper and deeper into a computer until nobody can retrieve you. itch.io
February 20, 2021 PC, HTML Godot Wild Jam #30 HeartBeat   itch.io
January 16, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux Godot Wild Jam #29 TRAYveler A short game about trying to find the perfect camping spot. itch.io

Old projects

Old games that never saw the light of day or are lower quality compared to PossiblyAxolotl’s newer ones. (mostly 2021 & earlier)

Creation Date Platforms Title Description Links
July 16, 2022 PC, Mac, Linux Fuys For OBAMA It’s a long story…  
October 23, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux Unnamed Halloween Game    
September 18, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux GloMan   itch.io
August 8, 2021 Android Headache I got a headache due to dehydration so I called the game headache : ) itch.io
July 14, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux a shameless ripoff of Allete a ripoff of my friend N8Dev’s game called Allete itch.io
June 18, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux, HTML Slimekoban Sokoban… but slime! itch.io gamejolt
June 06, 2021 MacOS 9 Stay Away a little game I made in a day for mac OS 9 in HyperCard  
April 18, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux, HTML Bean Bounce   lexaloffle
March 29, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux TUNELL Fast-paced free avoiding game itch.io
March 27, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux Tunnel   itch.io
March 4, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux ARKADE A combination of many games.  
February 10, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux VVVVVV But First Person Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV but first person. itch.io
February 09, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux, HTML Bean Dreams Demake a demake of the bst mobile platformer (bean dreams)  
February 07, 2021 PC, Mac, Linux, HTML Bean Boi’s Adventure A small game made in Pico-8  
December 8, 2020 Android The Under Presents Fangame A fangame for The Under Presents3 by Tenderclaws  
October 30, 2020 PC, Mac, HTML Axolotl Museum A small game about the axolotl itch.io gamejolt
October 2020 PC, Mac, Linux Ball Maze The most important game in PossiblyAxolotl’s career.  
August 2020 Gameboy Ax’s Great Axventure PossiblyAxolotl’s first game.  

Game jams

Game jams hosted by PossiblyAxolotl

Beginning Date Title Description Link
June 24, 2022 PlayJam 1 Make a short Playdate game in ONE weekend itch.io/jam/playjam-1
October 21, 2022 IMPOSSIJAM A game jam that is impossible to win itch.io/jam/impossijam
December 22, 2022 PlayJam 2 A weekend long Playdate game jam! itch.io/jam/playjam-2
May 12, 2023 PlayJam 3 A weekend long Playdate game jam! itch.io/jam/playjam-3
November 10, 2023 PlayJam 4 A weekend long Playdate game jam! itch.io/jam/playjam-4
April, 1 2024 FishFest fish itch.io/jam/fishfest
April, 19 2024 PlayJam 5 A weekend long Playdate game jam! itch.io/jam/playjam-5