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This is PossiblyAxolotl’s main website. It primarily functions as a portfolio-type website but with some other fun parts.


There are a few different subdomains. Each can be accessed with x.possiblyaxolotl.com where x is the subdomain, or by clicking the subdomain below.

Subdomain Description
archive An archive of some PossiblyAxolotl websites that no longer have separate subdomains
logs A blog-ish website
old The old website. This site was made for PossiblyAxolotl’s computer science 20 class
press Presskits and resources
wiki The wiki. This site is used to document anything PossiblyAxolotl related
www The main website

Retired / relocated

These subdomains are no-longer active and are not archived.

Subdomain Description
assets A place for various assets, art, files, etc. Now replaced by wiki pages & log posts
penis The website for PossiblyAxolotl’s Editing ‘N Ideation Services, now redirects to possiblyaxolotl.com/penis
test Subdomain used rarely to test stuff, barely active
tweetkeep A tool for creating nice looking webpages with your Twitter archive, now located at possiblyaxolotl.com/tweetkeep