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Experiment 01: Tunnel & TUNELL

Experiment 01: Tunnel

After playing Hyper Gauntlet, PossiblyAxolotl thought it would be more fun to play using mouse controls, so they decided to recreate it with mouse controls. The game is visually extremely simple and was made in 1 day in order to try out the idea and features a 3x3 grid walls can spawn in to create basic shapes.

A screenshot of gameplay


2 days after Tunnel released, PossiblyAxolotl released TUNNELL, a more advanced version featuring various obstacles, controller controls, and points to collect.

A screenshot of gameplay

Platform Link
Itch.io (Tunnel) https://possiblyaxolotl.itch.io/experiment-01-tunnel
Itch.io (TUNELL) https://possiblyaxolotl.itch.io/tunell