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The Under Presents Fangame

The Under Presents: (boat name here), or as it will be referred to as, TUPF, was a fangame for The Under Presents by Tenderclaws1 developed by PossiblyAxolotl and worked on by many members of the game’s community in 2020.


During the Covid-19 lockdown PossiblyAxolotl and many others started playing a game called The Under Presents1. It was an “antisocial-social game2” that featured a free, open world where users could explore and discover secrets with others, as well as a story based pre-recorded performance called Timeboat where you would follow a ship’s crew who had been mysteriously stranded in ice as they disappear one-by-one to try and solve the mystery as to why. It built up a cult-following through 2019 and 2020, likely due to the amount of people stuck indoors, including PossiblyAxolotl. They, along with some other members of the community, decided to try and create a fangame for The Under Presents.

Different members of the community took on different roles (see the credits in the gallery) and together they decided to create a point and click game in the world of the under. It was going to feature 3D rendered background scenes created by “The Stray” with pixel art characters and objects created by various members of the community. Many in-game UI elements were drawn by Jamie (Mysterio) and all menu elements (credits, title screen, etc) were drawn by PossiblyAxolotl. All of the story and most assets and other parts of the game are lost, but there is one playable test scene and some art assets contained in the game’s source.

TUPF’s credits


TUPF’s logo, possibly created by Faz but unsure


Test level with a background rendered by PossiblyAxolotl as a proof of concept



UI elements drawn by Jamie